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About Paphos

Thinking to visit the city of Paphos ?  You are choosing the right place.

The ancient city of the western side of Cyprus is one of the most beautiful and at the same time modern cosmopolitan city. Paphos offers countless options of having an unforgettable vacation. The unique mild climate it’s well known to the residents of our city. It’s one of the main reasons Paphos it’s among other cities in the whole Island of Cyprus extremely popular destination that appeals to people of all ages, all year around.
The combination of beautiful nature, clean sea waters, full sunny days most of the year, the exceptional archaeological and historical monuments, the modern tourist infrastructures, the relaxing life style  and the luxury hotels are also some of the reasons that makes Paphos an excellent destination attracting thousands of holyday makers year after year.
Our beaches, many of them organized with plenty of sunbeds and parasols available to hire,  offer variety of water sports for the lovers of the kind. Some others quieter beaches which are  just for relaxing and enjoying the sun, are also an advantage for joyful holidays. The places that you can visit and see are so many, the food perfect, the amusement of night life found everywhere and if you wish you can give your rest until morning dancing in modern clubs or in more traditional places with Greek music and the Mpouzuki sounds.
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