The cost for advertising in our website for the first year of listing is as follow:

1. Simple listing in one category costs €50 per year

2. In case that you want to be in the first 10 results of your category then the cost will be €75 per year.

3. The business are divided in 8 main categories (Food & Drinks, Nightlife, Activities, Accommodation, Rentals, Shop & Services, Property and Travel). In each category there are 4 banners for advertisement (Popular in Paphos) on the right side of the website. The cost of them is €250 per year each.

4.  The "Popular in Paphos" banners (Same as before) but on Home page, Overview, Attractions, Beach, Events and Photo Gallery and on all other pages cost €500 per year.

5. The square banner in the center-right of all the pages cost €750 per year.

6. In the top and bottom banner of all pages will be advertise 2 business and will show 50% of pageviews for each bussiness. The cost for each business is  €1000 per year.

We offer additionally 20% discount for all the banners of our website, for the business that advertise with us before the end of the year.

For any further explanations or clarification please contact us by email or call us on 70009220.